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The 10th Exchange Program (Trip to Kyoto)

1. Date

4 (Sat) - 5 (Sun) July 2009

2. Objective

Visit to the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto to experience the traditions and culture of the country, as well as to visit Ritsumeikan University and Kyoto University for exchanges and tours of university premises aimed at deepening ties among scholarship students.

3. Participants

61 (of which 50 were scholarship students, 3 were Foundation officers and screening committee members and 8, contributors and supporters)

4. Itinerary

4 July (Sat) 7:45 Assembly & orientation at Tokyo Station, board on Hikari 505 to head Kyoto
11:30 Arrival at Kyoto Station, board a chartered bus to head to Ritsumeikan University
12:00 Arrival at Ritsumeikan University for exchange meeting
13:00 Walk to and tour of Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University
14:00 Board bus to Kinkakuji Temple & tour
15:00 Bus to Ryoanji Temple & tour
16:00 Bus to Arashiyama & sightseeing on jinrikisha
18:00 Arrival at Rihga Royal Hotel
18:30 Goodwill reception
21:00 Night stroll through Kyoto (Yasaka Shrine → Gion → Kamogawa → Ponto-cho → Kiyamachi)
5 July (Sun) 8:30 Leave Rihga Royal Hotel for but to Ginkakuji Temple
9:00 Tour of Ginkakuji and stroll through the Philosopher's Path (to close to Nyakuouji Shrine)
10:45 Departure from Nyakuouji Shrine on bus to Kyoto University
11:00 Exchange at Camphora and tour of the clock tower and library
12:30 Bus to Kiyomizu Temple & tour
15:00 Move to Kyoto Station after tour
15:30 Arrival at Kyoto Station to board Hikari 524 bound for Tokyo

5. Snapshots

[1st Day] (1) On board the Shinkansen

On the train to Kyoto. Excited over the trip that is about to start!

(2) Kyoto Station

On arrival, the group was met by 5 Akimoto Tatsunoko scholarship students studying at Ritsumeikan and Kyoto universities. These 5 people not only guided and helped the group but had organized many enjoyable programs.

(3) Exchange meeting at Ritsumeikan University

The meeting started with welcome messages from Ritsumeikan Vice-Chancellor Honma Masao (top) and Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University President Monte Cassim (bottom).

Scholarship students listening to the messages

Chairman Akimoto expressed thanks to the Ritsumeikan University officials who organized the wonderful meeting.

Ritsumeikan students welcomed the group with a shamisen performance.

A commemorative photo was taken at the end of the meeting. Thanks to the people at Ritsumeikan, the Kyoto trip was off on a great start.

(4) Rokuonji temple (Kinkakuji)

Akimoto Tatsunoko scholarship students posed in a variety of ways for snapshots with the shimmering Gold Pavilion in the background.

(5) Ryoanji

The group took time to appreciate the famous Rock Garden of Ryoanji.

(6) Arashiyama

Although the beauty of Mount Arashiyama and the river was impressive, the most unforgettable experience there was the jinrikisha ride, made possible by the program contributors who participated in the trip.

(7) Goodwill Reception (Rihga Royal Hotel, Kyoto)

The reception started with a speech by Chairman Akimoto and a toast led by Professor Kotani.

The reception planned, set up and moderated by Akimoto Tatsunoko scholarship students at Ritsumeikan and Kyoto universities was so enjoyable that everyone felt it ended too quickly.

(8) Night stroll

Starting at Yasaka Shrine, the students walked through Gion and Ponto-cho and enjoyed the walk at night for about an hour.

[2nd Day] (9) Ginkakuji (Jishoji temple) and the Philosopher's Path

The second day of the trip started from Ginkakuji.

After touring the temple, the group strolled through the Philosopher's Path.

Encounter with "Philosopher Cats" on the way.

(10) Exchange meeting at Kyoto University

The exchange meeting at Kyoto University took place at a restaurant named Camphora.

The group enjoyed the university's famous "President's Curry" along with beer.

After the meeting, the group toured the clock tower and the library.

(11) Kiyomizu Temple

The last stop on the tour was Kiyomizu Temple.

The students were impressed by the height of "the stage of Kiyomizu."

After the tour, all of the participants jotted messages at the rest stop. The itinerary was filled with exciting and pleasant programs and became a trip to remember.

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