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Founding Philosophy

Japan underwent spectacular economic growth in the postwar years and grew into one of the economic powers of the world, becoming a major presence in the international economy. It must be noted, however, that its growing prominence is accompanied by the simultaneously expanding need for Japan to fulfill its roles and responsibilities in a wide range of fields.

Now that we live in the 21st century, friendly ties, mutual understanding and international collaboration with other nations through international exchange have become extremely important for Japan from the standpoint of world peace.

In the area of educational exchange, there has been growing interest in study in Japan, with a steady rise in foreign students in our country. In response to the growth, a variety of foreign student assistance measures, as well as betterment on the receiving side of these students, are necessary, pushing for a shift from growth in number to assurance of quality of study in Japan. Of the foreign students, those who are relying on private funds to study in Japan are facing many hardships to finance their studies, because of Japan's high consumer prices, especially school tuition costs, expenses for housing and everyday living, etc.

Foundation chairman Tatsuya Akimoto established ARDEPRO Co., Ltd., in 1988 to engage primarily in real estate sales and property management, as well as property design, administration and construction works under the management principles of "economic enrichment," "physical enrichment" and "mental enrichment," and to help stimulate the regional economy in its small way. In order to fulfill its corporate social responsibility, Akimoto decided to engage actively in social contribution and to extend aid to foreign students.

In hope that the young people of Asia will become a driving force for betterment of life and health of our planet in the future, the Tatsunoko Foundation was established with the support and cooperation of various interested parties. It is for this goal that the Foundation provided aid to foreign students and, through this activity, aspired to contribute to international goodwill and manpower development in Asia.

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